A New Startup Canada Community Launches in Greater Moncton

Moncton, NB, Canada – Startup Moncton is pleased to announce its launch as the latest Startup Canada Community of business professionals and organizations to form in New Brunswick.

Startup Moncton is a grassroots entrepreneur-driven not-for-profit movement, bringing together entrepreneurs and community stakeholders focused on enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem within Moncton, Dieppe, and Riverview. Its vision is to create new customer and partner opportunities for local entrepreneurs, by giving them a voice and connecting them through inspiration and support by means of mentors and resources. The organization makes support and resources easier for local entrepreneurs to find by creating a single point-of-entry through Startup Moncton.

“We foster an atmosphere of inclusivity, welcome diversity, and encourage more entrepreneurs to act as a community leader,” said Debbie Collins, founding entrepreneur of Startup Moncton.

Startup Moncton is pleased to be supported by the following community partners: Opportunities NB, 3+ Corporation, NBCC Oasis, McKenzie College, CCNB, Telus, Université de Moncton, Investors Group, Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce, National Research Council and the Moncton Public Library.

Through these partnerships, Startup Moncton hopes to provide value to the startup entrepreneur community by taking a leadership role to promote sustainability and growth of the fabric of the entire business network. Startup Moncton also strongly believes that a strong startup business community embraces all types of business ideas and aspirations – traditional and non-traditional, online and offline.

ONB has embraced the national Startup Canada model as a best practice for New Brunswick communities. The model nurtures the culture, the spirit and actions of entrepreneurship throughout the province. “We’re so excited to have Startup Moncton as part of this provincial strategy that helps local entrepreneurs,” said Raphael Albert, Business Development Associate with ONB.

Got a great idea for a startup business? Got an existing business you want to grow? Want to attend the launch party? Join us at startupmoncton.ca!


Startup Canada Communities is Startup Canada’s flagship program, supporting and connecting grassroots networks that fuel a culture and environment for entrepreneurship at the local level.

At the core, Startup Communities:

Provide entrepreneurs with opportunities to connect with inspiration, support, mentors, financing, resources, customers, and partners;
Bring together local entrepreneurship organizations to foster collaboration, information sharing, resource optimization, and ignite new opportunities; and,
Connect to the national network to open up new partners, opportunities and initiatives to local entrepreneurs; grow exposure across Canada and globally; and have a voice in Ottawa.
Currently, there are more than 50 Startup Canada Communities across 9 provinces and 1 territory. Startup Canada provides the infrastructure to connect communities across the country to peer-support, advisors, funders and other important resources to strengthen the environment for entrepreneurship from bottom-up. Through the network, Startup Canada Communities are able to provide and connect entrepreneurs to the resources they need by offering a roadmap to local and national resources and access to national programming and events.

Startup Canada offers these communities a platform to advocate for the needs of entrepreneurs across Canada. Startup Canada Day on the Hill is a vehicle in which entrepreneurs’ challenges and successes are brought to the forefront and solutions are formed.